Blocking of bids on eBay

Blocking of bids on eBay

‘Glad Findings’ T/A  aka Mr David McCabe Dunfermline also Ann Colbeck, Middlesbrough

This practice can be a problem which may require more transparency in order to justify the sellers action. Quite often there seems to be an unsatisfactory outcome. In such a situation initial contact should be with eBay questioning the reasoning behind this. They may well inform that they are not responsible as it is the seller who has set the preferences to ensure that their listings are not available to a specified list of bidders.

Some of the reasons appear to be (a) a bidder registered in a country to which the seller won’t ship (b) a bidder who has negative feedback (c) a bidder with unpaid item strikes (d) a bidder who is currently winning or has bought 1-100 of the sellers items in the last 10 days (e) a bidder who does not have a Paypal account (f) a dislike of ‘sniping’ by a particular bidder.

The next procedure would be to contact the seller concerned to ascertain if they have indeed implemented the in-built eBay device and if so, the reason why. The seller must of course bear in mind that he may receive a lower bid than otherwise for his item.

A bidder may have a ‘clean bill of health’ in that his credit record is good, he may have an exemplary Paypal account, a 100% rating with eBay together with no issues with the foregoing ‘eBay rules’.

As this is a form of discrimination by the seller he should at least be morally obliged to tell the bidder the reason for taking this type of action. Why should those affected just forget it and move on?

Recently at we too have inadvertently been caught up in this trap. For in September 2013, June and July 2014 (Anemone, Arrowhead and currently Sketching Bird) we have been debarred by ‘Glad Findings’ from bidding on eBay for these Carlton Ware pieces.

We feel as a matter of principle entitled to know the reason for this exclusion. As Glad Findings refuse to answer our emails, letters and respond to our telephone calls, we have little choice but to appeal directly to them for an explanation.

Perhaps their representative would kindly get in touch and explain the reason for this personal discriminiation.

The views of others whether involved in a similar situation or otherwise would be appreciated.

Barry Girling

Member of Carlton Ware World, collector, researcher and writer

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