Although the working and living conditions were appalling at Stoke-on-Trent in times past, the following postcards appealed to the self-deprecating nature of potters and also amused visitors.

soots me well copyshadows of the evening copyfresh air copy

The vast volumes of smoke and vapours from the ovens, entering the atmosphere, produced a dense white cloud which from about 8 o’clock until twelve on the Saturday morning (the time of firing up as it was called) completely enveloped the whole of the interior of the Town. This caused persons to run against each other, travellers to mistake the road and strangers to mention it as “extremely disagreeable and not unlike the smoke of Etna and Vesuvius”.

Thanks to Marshall Colman and the late Simeon Shaw


In the world of Carlton Ware, we are especially indebted to the following as sources of information. – Club site – President Harvey Pettit – Art in Pottery – site designed and run by Bruce Nichol. Probably the best visual record of patterns and pattern numbers available. – site managed by Derek and Jane Towns – specialists in Carlton china.

On line newsletters produced by Ian Harwood and Jerry Wilson from Canada. – site run by Dr Czes and Yvonne Kosniowski – they have done much to promote the brand via their numerous reference books and the staging at the NEC Birmingham in July 2008 of the world’s greatest exhibition of Carlton Ware.


 Yvonne is seen in the middle of the picture with black slacks


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