Burslem is one of the six towns that makes up The Potteries. The present industrial decay belies a proud history and even a connection to Carlton Ware. The Wedgwoods were the principal family in the Town for most of the eighteenth century. Later, potters Enoch Wood and Sons became prominent up to the mid nineteenth … [Read more…]


Haymaking at Stutton, Suffolk in the traditional way. The vintage 1956 Ferguson and 1957 Fordson tractors belonging to Trevor and Alan are seen harvesting the crop. Courtesy Cavan Browne

Carlton Chocolate Mugs

During the 1930’s The Pottery produced a number of these most desirable items. They are a fine example of the first class modelling and moulding techniques achieved at Copeland Street allied to attractive naturalistic designs. They are further enhanced by the individuality of the handles. According to the pattern books,  known as beakers and covers. … [Read more…]

Carlton Ware – Some Lighting Products

Some of the earliest products from Wiltshaw and Robinson’s factory were from the underrated blushware range. Amongst these, prior to the advent of electricity, at the turn of the century, were to be found candle sticks and ceramic parts for oil lamps. Some examples of these are illustrated.  A small oil lamp in Chrysanthemum made … [Read more…]

Confederation of Canada Jugs

It is thought that these were created by Carlton Ware in 1937 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the 1867 Confederation of Canada then comprising only four of the eventual  provinces. Seventy years seems an odd anniversary but that for the fiftieth was quashed by WWI. The impetus for Carlton Ware to commemorate the 70th … [Read more…]

Blocking of bids on eBay

Blocking of bids on eBay ‘Glad Findings’ T/A decocollectables@yahoo.com  aka Mr David McCabe Dunfermline also Ann Colbeck, Middlesbrough This practice can be a problem which may require more transparency in order to justify the sellers action. Quite often there seems to be an unsatisfactory outcome. In such a situation initial contact should be with eBay … [Read more…]

Coffee Sets

Wiltshaw and Robinson produced coffee services both in earthenware and carlton china, some of which were attractively boxed. Certainly the pottery variety came in several shapes, such as Waisted, Amory, Melon, Rita and the more exotic Bathing Belle and Parisienne. Shown here c.1937 are examples of the ‘Vertical Stripes’  pattern on the Parisienne shape. Firstly … [Read more…]


With grateful thanks to Paul O’Donnell for the use of the following photographs which he took on The Works at Copeland Street, Stoke-on-Trent during the 1980s. The lady is Pat Thompson and the young man was an apprentice mould maker. Identification kindly provided by Linda Dobson (former Warehouse Manageress)

Industrial Past

A display of iconic 6 inch Carlton Ware vases, shape 406. Designs by Enoch Boulton and Violet Elmer during the period c1929 – 1936 From top left:        Crested Bird and Waterlily, Geometric Sunflower, Feathertail Bird, Floral Comet (Green), Rosetta, RiverFish Shubunkin, Floral Comet (Blue) (All by Violet Elmer) and lastly Jazz by Enoch Boulton The … [Read more…]


Although the working and living conditions were appalling at Stoke-on-Trent in times past, the following postcards appealed to the self-deprecating nature of potters and also amused visitors. The vast volumes of smoke and vapours from the ovens, entering the atmosphere, produced a dense white cloud which from about 8 o’clock until twelve on the Saturday … [Read more…]

Mary Beechinor

Mary Beechinor was a paintress by trade. As a class the paintresses of the Five Towns are somewhat similar to the more famous mill-girls of Lancashire and Yorkshire – fiercely independent by reason of good wages earned, loving finery and brilliant colours, loud-tongued and aggressive, perhaps, and for the rest neither more nor less kindly, … [Read more…]

Preserve Pots

Three attractive preserves manufactured at the Carlton Works in the early 1930s. It is interesting that both Bestware and Handcraft designs, probably in this case by Violet Elmer were applied to such everyday functual items. Left to right Tree and Cottage (3563)  Stellata (3326) and Lightning (3356)

First Article

As a general introduction, and to examine the wider picture, we should perhaps be made aware of the day-to-day working of a pottery such as Carlton Ware. One of the best means of achieving this is to refer to the novels of the celebrated Arnold Bennett who himself was a son of The Potteries. Some … [Read more…]