Confederation of Canada Jugs

It is thought that these were created by Carlton Ware in 1937 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the 1867 Confederation of Canada then comprising only four of the eventual  provinces. Seventy years seems an odd anniversary but that for the fiftieth was quashed by WWI. The impetus for Carlton Ware to commemorate the 70th was no doubt the coronation of King George and Queen Elizabeth in 1937.

As jug number 11 is signed E S Nixon, Carlton’s Decorating Manager at the time, it is therefore presumed that all the jugs were similarly autographed. The design may well have been influenced by both Stanley Nixon and modeller Kathleen Parsons.

The jugs were purported to have been produced in a number limited to 350 but it appears doubtful whether as many as this were ever manufactured. Each jug came replete with a boxed, numbered medallion.

Buyers beware as moulds still exist and examples still appear, albeit usually decorated in a bizarre manner. The expertise of the factoy is long gone.

Numbers of jugs recorded to date irrespective of condition and completeness are:- 9,11,15,23,24,38,40,49, 50 and 59.

The photographs show the genuine article (No.11), next a modern copy (note the incorrect backstamp) and the authentic backstamp from jug number 23.

Many thanks to Harvey Pettit

Additional information greatfully received.

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  1. Margaret

    I read this article with interest as I have a Carlton Ware confederation jug, complete with commemorative plaque indicating that it is number 39. I would be interested in any further information on these jugs and whether they are still collectible.

    • Elaine Girling

      Dear Margaret
      Good to hear that you have a Confederation Jug and complete with plaque. We can’t really add an awful lot except to say that they are quite rare and even more so, difficult to find complete. We purchased ours in 1997 from Scotland (No.11) complete with plaque for £550, however, we have seen them realise as much as £1000. In the current, rather depressed ceramic market, I would attribute a value of say £500/£600. We would be interested to know how you acquired your jug. Thanks for your interest and for taking the time to write.
      Barry and Elaine

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