Coffee Sets

PARISIENNE coffee set in decoration pattern number 4077(1)2014.07.02 022013

Wiltshaw and Robinson produced coffee services both in earthenware and carlton china, some of which were attractively boxed.

Certainly the pottery variety came in several shapes, such as Waisted, Amory, Melon, Rita and the more exotic Bathing Belle and Parisienne. Shown here c.1937 are examples of the ‘Vertical Stripes’  pattern on the Parisienne shape.

Firstly on cream with pale blue/green interior is pattern no. 4077.  Secondly in cream with a pink interior is pattern no.4078 and finally, in cream, gold and black is previously unrecorded pattern, no.4088.

Once again the designers and workforce of the Copeland Street factory have excelled in the production of outstanding examples of art deco ceramics.

Photographs courtesy Mortimer Brown Collection

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  1. Ian Harwood

    Wow! The cream with pink interior set is stunning! We had previously paid little attention to this shape coffee set as the only pieces we had actually seen had been plain and unimpressive. But these sets are something else entirely – very smart and they would have looked totally in place in an art deco dining room. The cross hatching on pattern number 4088 is outstanding. We wonder why this shape didn’t go into larger production?

    Thanks for including this shape in your blog.

    Ian & Jerry

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