Industrial Past

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A display of iconic 6 inch Carlton Ware vases, shape 406. Designs by Enoch Boulton and Violet Elmer during the period c1929 – 1936

From top left:        Crested Bird and Waterlily, Geometric Sunflower, Feathertail Bird, Floral Comet (Green), Rosetta, RiverFish Shubunkin, Floral Comet (Blue) (All by Violet Elmer) and lastly Jazz by Enoch Boulton

The period during which the Copeland Street Pottery was such a hot-bed of activity was reflected generally across the nation with nearly every large town or city engaged in some sort of progressive manufacturing process. The once great Town of Ipswich, the former industrial capital of East Anglia was no exception. In our own lifetime, we have witnessed the demise of so many world-renowned enterprises. The following photographs show some of the products manufactured here as well as a glimpse of the maritime scene.

Note the consignment of thrashing sets ordered from Ransomes Sims and Jefferies by the Estonian Government in August 1920. Also many famous ‘grain ships’ arrived at the port from Australia in the 1930s bringing grain and barley to the mills and maltings of the Town.

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